New skills

It’s been a while!!!!! I have been stuck in uni work of late….currently trying many new techniques. A new addition to the tool collection is going to create my new obsession I think!!!! I have been playing around on a graphics tablet…..really loving the result! A few screen shots of my sketch

Three dimensional sketching

Sometimes I find it easier to visualise and understand my ideas by building quick models. This gives me a reference to work from. Also, I am exploring light and shadow,so a quick model allows me to test ideas easily. In this model I have been looking at how sunlight may or may not work at reproducing a printed image from a window onto a wall. I reproduced day and night using torches.

New techniques

I have had a lot of fun sketching with biro …..

….I decided it was time to try something different. I wanted to sharpen my observation skills so set myself the task of producing fast biro sketches. I allowed myself from 2 minutes to 5 minutes per sketch. Some were not good!!! Others were passable so I took a couple of them into Adobe Photoshop to enhance them using techniques that I have not used before. Until now, I have not really used Photoshop, but within my current project I will need to produce concept illustrations of a high standard in order to communicate my final ideas. These are my first trials.

Biro addiction???

Exploring structures I decided to try working in a new way. Biro is not something I have really used but am finding it lovely to create texture and energy. I now have a whole sketchbook to fill!!!!




Trying to get to grips with some Autocad basics!!! I have traced the floorpan to create a 3D visual of this rather nice bungalow. My next step will be to tackle a building with more than one floor before diving into something more complex…I think my xmas list should contain the ability to make swish building animations such as those I see on Kevin McClouds ‘Grand Designs’!!!!


Converting to digital.

As is the way of the world, I need to convert my sketchbooks to a digital format for hand in at the end of the uni semester. I love the things technology has to offer and enjoy getting creative with digital software, but prefer working hands on to spill out ideas. Today will be filled with the task of making the last 7 weeks of work digital.



Unsocial Media

This is partly the reason I have a love/hate relationship with technology!!!!!

Journey through my Journal

Social media – “connecting” you to people on the other side of the world but not in the same room.

When did we start living through a screen? When did we start placing more importance on our social media “presence” than our actual presence? Our filterless, flawless and fabulous selves. Our lying on the couch in our sweatpants eating sour lollies loveable selves. The answer is irrelevant, what matters is where do we go from here? We weren’t taught how to cope with this devotion to self-promotion at school. There was no “how to survive without social media 101” or “how to love and accept yourself as a real person, not a profile 102”.

Do we continue to scroll through mindlessly judging, regretting, wishing and fantasising while staring blankly at a screen? With no external expression of emotion visible beside the occasional LOL from a good meme. We all do it…

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I spent some time yesterday making some very quick and rough observation studies for my latest project. It has been a very long time since I worked in this way. This is an initial stage to assist me in understanding this building and its surroundings in order to begin sketching some concepts for how this building could be used in the future. This type of design work is very new for me and I am excited by the prospect of submerging myself in some experimental work later in the week.


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