Dog walk and camera

A dog walk proved to be another opportunity for gaining experience with my camera. I played around with settings and experimented a little with my shots. I am still on a learning curve regarding exact best times for developing negatives, and also had a couple of issues with chemicals when printing. That said, I am happy with the progress I am making. I am extremely interested in structures as well as enjoying creating images that I feel have a slight gritty mood to them. I can’t wait to get out again with a couple of rolls of film.

Old school photography

I’ve been out with my vintage camera again….a stroll across the Humber bridge. I am still very much a novice regarding settings, and it was a fine sunny day. These are a few images I shot. The development process has also been a learning curve. After being used to the Uni’s equipment, it was an experience setting up a makeshift darkroom in the bathroom! I managed to mix the chemicals successfully and printed these images with more vintage equipment (an eBay bargain!). I used an old Durst enlarger which has no colour filters. I still have much to learn and experiment with but am happy with my first attempt. I will take these into the Adobe suite next to see what I can do with the images next.






The Joker

Deciding I needed to further skills with the Adobe suite, I wanted to experiment with something new. I found some interesting tutorials on how to create a low poly illustration from an original image. I generally try to work with my own original images where possible, but for the purposes of learning I used a nice image of The Joker( The child in me  loves superheroes!). I spent a couple of days between working my day job, finding my way round this technique. I am enjoying getting to grips with new skills.





Visual conversations-David Bramston

An interesting and valuable read. Just flicking through the pages on a short car journey, a few thoughts came into mind about designing products:

I feel it’s imperative to understand the products fuction when designing. It is also important to understand the users perception of the product and how it functions. This also extends to the aesthetics of the product. 

     I was also thinking about themes that products take on….I wonder if the themes relevance to a product is important? Does the theme need to be linked to the product,or the products environment, in order for the user to understand it better? Or whether it is just about how aesthetically pleasing the product is that is important? Maybe it’s time to research and experiment further.