Is this another of life’s mysteries?

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 18.41.25

Feeling quite proud of the fact that I am still slightly sane after my lengthy drawing mission today, I have managed to quite easily construct the lattice work as shown in the tutorial. It was quite a straightforward process and easy to follow. My battle has come with the fact that no matter how many attempts, and after double and triple checking measurements, my piece (on the right)  still does not quite match the exercise on the left! My outer rectangle measurement seems to be correct, as does the shape dimension and gap between the shape. I am flummoxed!!!! For now, this will have to remain as one of life’s mysteries as I have spent way too much time on this particular exercise. Perhaps as I learn more I will have a moment of enlightenment which will enable me to re visit :-).

One step forward….two back???

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 18.11.48

So, just when I allow myself to feel I am understanding Auto Cad and getting to grips with the tools, straight lines throw me a curveball( excuse the irony!). I started this exercise around lunchtime (between errands) and got a little stuck at the central lattice piece. After returning to the exercise I have needed to delete my lattice attempt a few times now.  I thought these straight lines would be easy! After trying to construct this initially with a serious of lines, I found a tutorial showing the pattern being constructed using the array tool. It’s taken me further failed attempts to realise that when adding spacing dimensions I need to account for the shape side length, as well as the distance between the shapes. This should now be easy !!!!! I will post the finished result when done. I can not believe I have puzzled for so long over something that I feel is extremely straightforward!!!!


Continuing on with my learning I decided that I wanted to be able to add dimensions to my work as seen in the set exercises. I discovered that this is fairly easy to achieve by using the dimension command on specific parts of the drawing. This is exciting! I find that I am fast becoming hooked on this software and am eager to progress. I also find a strange kind of beauty in engineering drawings. All of the exercises are reinforcing my learning of tools and I am becoming more fluent in my drawing. I am going to take this drawing as a starting point for inspiration for some 2D and 3D designs. I will chart my progress as it occurs.

Nearly…but not quite!

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 15.36.45

At the risk of being a little boring, yet another exercise. This is one I shall have to revisit at a later date after more learning. I managed to work all aspects of the drawing out apart from the outer edge of the mid section. As it is, the body of the piece is too round and should look slightly more dome shaped. I thought I had found the answer in the form of a whole selection of tutorials for the exercises I am working through, courtesy of Youtube. Alas! the end result was exactly the same as my own attempt. As I progress I will keep this exercise in mind and hopefully find a way to correct this one. A couple more of these exercise and I am then going to use some of the drawings as inspiration for further 3D experimentation and software learning.

A learning curve….learning curves!!!!

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 14.04.37

Although I am still fairly early on in my quest to complete a bunch of CAD exercises, I found a slight stumbling block with the curves on this piece. I guess that is because I have launched myself into this process with minimal Auto Cad learning, with the intention of either trying to work things out for myself, or seeking answers from good old Google or Youtube. So far I have found the exercises very achievable with basic tools. This latest exercise took a little more working out(as described in the image). I am pretty proud that I got there in the end. I am still excited by the software and what I may be able to achieve with it in the future…..providing the mathematics and logic continue to function enough!!!!

Bitten by the bug!!!!

Up and on it early this morning….I can’t seem to leave these Auto cad exercises alone!!! I am thoroughly enjoying getting to grips with this software. I am still very near the beginning of my learning journey and hope to transfer these skills to 3D in the not too distant future, but for now, I am mostly enjoying the challenge of working out how to achieve shapes with some basic commands. It is like doing cool types of puzzles…perhaps that’s why I love design….creative problem solving!


Completing my degree in Design is just a starting point for me. I feel I am only just beginning my journey as a designer, and so am continually looking for new ways to push my skills and interests within my subject. I wish to focus on a couple of areas….3D Design and Graphic Design/illustration. Of course, illustration skills will be heavily involved within 3D design also. To assist 3D design I feel I need a good handle on 3D modelling software. Auto cad is my starting point. I have spent a little time understanding a few of the basic tools to complete the piece above. This is quite a simple 2D drawing, but to achieve this I needed to learn how to use the following tools: line tool, circle tool, trim tool. These tools were used with different commands to enable me to create different angled lines and curves. I am pleased with this attempt as this was an independent exercise I performed after learning the tools on a tutorial. I am looking forward to continuing to progress with this software.

Commercial painting

On completion of my study I had the opportunity to produce a painting for the energy company Orsted to mark the opening of the Race Bank wind farm. This was an absolute honour. The project was an acrylic piece and is the first time I have produced this type of work for a commercial client. I thoroughly enjoyed the project,amid the stress of trying to capture the wonderful sky scene from the reference photograph I was supplied with. This project has taught me many small tips that are important when producing work for a client. A print run of 50 A2 prints were personally numbered and signed before being handed over to Orsted. A very proud moment!


Photoshop rendering

Following on from my last post, I am now in the process of producing a rendered grayscale illustration of this building. The purpose of this exercise is to sharpen my own Photoshop skills. I would also like to sketch out a few ideas of how I think the building could be improved. I am not an architect, but have a passion for it, and so it comes into play alongside the many aspects of design understanding that I have learnt throughout my degree course.